Cabassa Safaris is a premium hunting safari outfitter in Africa. We pride ourselves in the way we ethically and legally conduct all of our hunts through free roaming and fair chase safari practices.

Cabassa Safaris is a premium hunting safari outfitter in Africa. We pride ourselves in the way we ethically and legally conduct all of our hunts through free roaming and fair chase safari practices.

A Cabassa Safaris Story

The Cabassa Safaris story begins with its establishment in 1994 by Johan van Zyl under the name Gnu Safaris. In 2010 Hardus van Zyl joined the family business and Cabassa Safaris was born. Johan recalls the trying times of operating a safari company with little to no resources but with determination and resilience a successful safari operator emerged. These same attributes of hard work and determination have been installed in Hardus and the family legacy continues today. Whether you are looking into hunting the Big 5, the Dangerous 7, Plains game, the Tiny 10, Wing shooting or night hunting we have the concessions to get you your dream trophies.

We have over 2 000 000 acres of land inhabited by 70 + species available for trophy hunting. We have the African safari experience you are looking for. Our hunting areas are renowned for being some of the best in the world and we count it a privilege to be in pursuit of Africa’s Big Game with our clients.


Sitting on the eastern coast of Africa, Mozambique offers hunters a totally unique hunting experience. From the wondrous Inselberg mountains in the north to the open waters of Cahora Bassa dam and the expansive swamps along the coast, there is something for everyone. Cabassa Safaris has four expansive hunting concessions across Mozambique. Two in the Tete province on the southern and northern banks of Cahora Bassa Dam and two in the Niassa province, one of which is located within the famous Niassa Reserve and the other bordering it.

Cahora Bassa - Nhenda

Cahora Bassa -

Niassa Game Reserve - R3

Niassa -
Manda Wilderness

South Africa

Our home base lodge is located near Hoopstad in the Free State province of South Africa. The lodge is adjacent to the famous Sandveld Game Reserve. A 100 000 acre Government Reserve which we utilise as one of our hunting areas. 

Cabassa Safaris hunts in a number of concessions all over South Africa to satisfy the various trophy needs of our clients. We hunt only the very best Government Reserves, privately owned game ranches and large free-roaming areas. South Africa offers a plethora of plains game, The Big 5, small game, game birds and night hunting. 

Hunting the Tiny 10

These small antelope are known as southern Africas “Tiny 10” a categorised group of pygmy antelopes that are extremely small; the largest specimens weighing less than 50 pounds. They have been the pursuit and challenge of hunters from around the world and will take you to at least 3 different countries across Africa. The Tiny Ten include the following list of species; Blue Duiker, Common Dukier, Cape Grysbok, Damara Dik-Dik, Klipspringer, Oribi, Red Duiker, Sharpes Grysbok, Steenbuck and Suni. You can Add species to your safari such as Cape Buffalo while on your journey.

Wing Shooting

Our home base lodge in the Free State is located between two large water sources: The Vaal and the Vet river that flow into the Bloemhof Dam. This is home to thousands of huntable waterfowl, such as Egyptian Geese, SpurWing Geese and numerous species of ducks.

The Free State province has some of the most fertile land in South Africa and there are vast sunflower and peanut fields which are the feeding grounds for millions of doves. Dove shooting has resulted in up to one thousand shots fired within a day. Fowl, pheasants and francolin are also prolific.

Namibia & Cameroon

For those looking for something different we also offer hunting Safaris to both Namibia and Cameroon. After a long relationship with Namibia, Cabassa Safaris has access to some of the best hunting concessions throughout the vast country. The Namibian landscape is truly a sight to behold with its array of unique characteristics.

Cameroon is beyond doubt an african pearl. Surround yourself in diverse landscape ranging from the grassy plains to the lush rainforests. Both perfect habitats for a long list of huntable species. When traveling through Cameroon you are guaranteed to experience a unique part of Africa. This is the land of the majestic Lord Derby Eland.